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Six attributes to good Leaders

You woke up recently and decided that you wanted to progress into leadership. You felt a sudden urge to be a leader. So the desire is there, let’s take a look and see if your mindset is as well.

Believing in yourself is one thing, although following through is another, and it takes conscious effort. I have experienced some unethical leaders and others who just get it and know how to emotionally connect with their people and environment.

So what does it take to be a good leader?

  1. Decisive – and have or recognise ideas. Every great leader will tell you they never got to where they are on their own. They have a wealth of knowledge around them although they had the determination to want for more, and acted on the decisions that were put in front of them. Have you ever seen a good leader that was indecisive.

  2. Empathetic – be in touch with your emotions and understand that people around you handle things differently to you. As future leaders we do not want to lead mini versions of ourselves, that just wouldn’t do to see new creative ideas would it? Emotional Intelligence is a skill you can learn and develop.

  3. Sense of Humour. You’re in the office more than you are at home. Most of our lives are absorbed by working so why not enjoy it? Smile and let people see you can see the light in life. Smiling eliminates stress and helps us see, think and behave in a more positive light.

  4. Energy and Enthusiasm to get the job done. There is no time for procrastination as a leader, you need to lead by example. The only way to accomplish something in life is to take action and why not do that with a spring in your step? What can you do to incorporate more energy into the office? Don’t wait for your boss to come up with ideas. YOU initiate something today to change the habitual way you are working.

  5. Strong Values – their values are in line with their leadership. This is the core of how good leaders make active decisions. Most organisations have strong core values. Demonstrate your values and be accountable for the decisions you make.

  6. Be committed. If you say you are going to do something, it’s simple – do it! Show people you are motivated and ready for what comes your way.

Is leadership something you can consciously learn and develop? Absolutely. The good news is you can, and with guidance and support you can be a strong leader that people look up to. All it takes is a little bit of effort and a push in the right direction. Having a can do attitude and wanting to try something new or re-evaluating something you may have already done is key. Of prime importance however is having a clear sense of who you are.

That’s where Springboard comes into play.

Let us help you unlock the key personal skills it takes to be a great leader. Everyone has to start somewhere right? The first step to becoming a good leader is to develop yourself. All it takes is 4 workshops over 3 months and you are on your way to new beginnings.

Join over 240 000 other women around the world and find out who you truly want to be, not what everyone else wants you to be - who do YOU want to be?

New dates just launched the 2015 Public Program for the award Winning ‘Springboard Women’s Development Program’.

Click below to see more of how we can help you be someone people are inspired by:

Every good leader has demonstrated personal leadership qualities. That is the fundamental basis of leadership itself. After all, if you can’t lead yourself, how could you effectively lead others?

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