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Reaching your full potential

A lot of us aspire to climb the ladder. Ambition, fulfilment, reward - lots of reasons why. The concern is that so few do. Why is that?

In my experience, it comes down to ourselves. Women who aspire to achieve are well placed to consider systemic barriers to advancement, yet we need to also consider our own contribution to our progress. It’s about belief. That inner voice that says “no, I can’t” or “I’m not good enough”, or “what have I got to offer?”

What is it that is holding you back?

There is either one of two drivers: external circumstances or internal obstacles.

How much do you really believe in yourself and create your own opportunities? That’s a big agenda which we cover in our training. For now, let’s see how we can start to ‘Make it Happen’.

  1. What beliefs do you hold, consciously or unconsciously, that are keeping you where you are? Every reason that prevents someone from reaching their potential is valid and relevant to that person. So how can you uncover any limiting beliefs on a personal level and stop the head tapes from churning so you can empower yourself to reach your full potential? It’s about learning to take control and having the confidence to throw yourself into any task that is put your way. These skills can be developed and we can do that.

  2. One of the biggest fears people always admit to me is ‘Public Speaking’. Is it yours too? It used to be mine, to the extent of having panic attacks and knots in my throat - I could hardly get my words out of my mouth, yet now I’m presenting programs for a living and taking every opportunity to be involved in women’s networking groups and taking action to put myself out there. When was the last time you took yourself out of your comfort zone? One of the best ways to conquer fear is to put yourself in the position in a safe way and to see the outcome. It can be a pretty amazing feeling and it fuels the need for more of what you once feared! Do you have an elevator pitch prepared for when the CEO walks into the lift? How does it sound? Is it interesting enough to keep the flow of the conversation going without being a stock standard response?

  3. Talking is not the only thing you want to be in control of. For example, how do you carry yourself? Have you ever wondered how people can look so poised and in control of their non-verbal body language? This can make a significant impact on other’s instant impression of you based on how your image comes across. We all make assumptions; you just want to make sure you are portraying the image that is right for you.

  4. Listen to the people around you. Often they can see more in your abilities than you can see in yourself. They can also see how you can challenge yourself when you think something is unattainable. I recently completed my first Triathlon. I’d trained and thought “I’ve got this!”. Despite that confidence, I accepted help from better athletes to assist me in developing my training program. Why? Because we all need help in some way, and, people want to help! It’s about engaging your networks to bring things closer for you. The power of networking can reach levels you’d think were out of reach in both your professional and personal development.

  5. Manage your mind. When we wake up in the morning, our mindset is created and determined from the first thing we do. It sets us up for the day ahead. What have you done this morning to create a change? What habits are you breaking to create a more positive outlook in life? Doing something you may have thought you were not capable of for example can create instant happiness. It starts from within, and only you can make this happen.

I believe if you are happy within yourself, you are more fulfilled and energetic at work and you will far more effective in your career. You have a lot more control over your future than you think.

Find out more here to see more of how we can help you create the best person you can possibly be and maximise your full potential.

Dates for our Public Program on our events page.

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