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Four things I've learnt building my own business

1. Trust in your instinct - When I was deciding to work for myself I threw up all the ideas of the pro's and con's. Even when I knew the pro's would more than outweigh the con's. I had self-doubt, you know that feeling right? I retrained by brain to believe I could do it, along with learning who I wanted to be and being honest and authentic with who I was as a person without emulating others.

2. Continual Learning - If I waited till I was the expert in the field I would never have started. With a wealth of information available you can never be too short of a good book, training course, article, podcast, conference and resources to continually learn new ideas, gain inspiration and grow from it.

3. Dream out loud - perception was, I would be a housewife and not really amount to anything. I am very proud to have and be running my own business today. Something ten years ago I would have never thought possible, only ever dreamt about. Yes, it can be overwhelming at times being your own boss, although ensuring your build your network and have the right people to talk to, the ones that encourage you, these are the people that have been instrumental in my life and being where I am today. No one usually gets there on their own, build your cheer and growth squad with people that want the best for you and be accountable for your path.

4. Find your balance - Everyone is juggling this busy world in which we live daily. I constantly get asked how do you have it all. A young family, my own business, exercise and travel etc. It's about finding your own balance. Mine is different to yours and you will enjoy different things to me. Running your own business is challenging as you never seem to switch off. There is always something to do. Putting your phone away when it's family time is crucial for me. For me, running whilst watching the sunrise at Manly Beach is my 'me time' to release any stress and re energise me for the day ahead. Practising mindfulness for 5 - 10 minutes a day brings calm to my world and in return brings focus for the day ahead to be more productive and creative. What do you do to zone out and balance your day?

There are many more lessons we learn in life, these are just a couple of my thoughts for starting my business over three years ago.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and please share with me your lessons if you have ventured out

on your own. Or if not, what is stopping you?

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