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Is your brain active?

When we think about having an active brain, it's not just about the way we think. It takes a little conscious effort to keep your brain active.

When we feel focused, confident and happy everything functions better. Here are five ways to get your brain fit:

1. Break it up - I speak to many women that just cant find the time to get even 30 minutes for a lunch break. Work is busy, we get that. Life is chaos at times too, although taking a break every 90 minutes to re-boost your energy throughout the day is important. We have ups and downs throughout the day, by taking a break you will be more productive, more creative, have more drive to complete those challenging tasks and have more energy.

2. Hang out with yourself - we can be captivated at the office often. It's just as important to get time to yourself, not only when you are in the loo, although being aware that you are taking time out to 'hang out with yourself'. Sometimes we need to put the brakes on, just breath, gain some clarity on what the day is about to unfold and prepare ourselves for the day ahead. Get 15 minutes to incorporate a healthy habit of mindfulness, meditation, listening to soft music and simply connecting with yourself. Check in every now and then.

3. Sleeping enough - for some of us it's too much, for others there is sleep deprivation that is stopping us from getting a full nights sleep. Studies show we can survive on seven hours sleep. Undisturbed is best, this is hard for some when little feet wander in through the night. A 20 minute power snooze in the office can re charge our batteries. Aim to set your alarm after the 7 hours and see how you feel after 21 days, next time you hit that snooze button 'dont' and get yourself up and actively have that cuppa and read something, listen to something or better still take a walk on the treadmill or around the block a couple of times.

4. Move about - moving your body in any way shape or form is good for you. Stop waiting till Monday to start a routine in your diary. You are in control of shifting priorities to fit it in, make it happen. Even a brisk walk in the park at lunchtime can actively re energise your brain. Do it for 15 minutes and build up as you go through the week or month ahead. Clears your mind and in return it will produce optimum performance at work and home. Not only will this produce endorphin's to feel more confident, it will ensure you learn and take more in, open your mind to new knowledge and information around us. Forget sending the email, walk to a different department and talk to them about it first. Release some oxygen to the brain.

5. Gobble it up - what you put in your mouth ultimately will produce the energy you need for the day. What goes in their will give you the performance you deserve. Plan your week ahead so you don't deviate to the take away options which are usually full of salts, sugars and the not so good things in them. Be prepared for the 4pm sugar fix and have healthy options to hand, nuts, dried fruits, carrot sticks etc which will resist you from the corner store for chocolate and sugary snacks. Sure they are great in the moment, although long term there are greater options to keep your brain active and healthy.

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