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International Women's Day - Be Bold For Change

Be Bold For Change.

What would you change if it was within your power?

A lot happens to us that we have no control over, although isn't it wonderful to live in a country where we have so many rights, freedom and opportunity to make a shift in our lives…. When we are ready and when the we want to.

With International Women's Day today it's important to remember you have the opportunity to make the choice to make the change that is right for you when you are ready too.

Women are known to just put up with it. Think about our langualge for a minute......... As well as putting up with it, we can been seen as nagging or constantly complaining. Wouldn't it be nice if we had the tools to take some control and do something about it, being assertive and speaking up?

Whether its domestic violence, a toxic work environment, a friend speaking badly about you to someone, being left out of a meeting, mental health, someone undermining you. Speak up and have your voice heard, command the respect you deserve. At the Springboard Women's Development Program you learn the strategies to back yourself and put your best foot forward. The first step in commanding that respect is learning to respect yourself and believing you are as equally worthy as the other person or people around you. It's one thing to respect yourself although this can go the other way too, we want to understand that everyone has the right to their opinion without being passive or aggressive. Getting to know we are all different and we can learn so much from each other if our mind is open to discovery. The way we think is mostly shaped by our upbringing, our environment and perhaps the behaviours of how we have been taught over the years. Unconsciously some people are living day by day without even thinking of their actions and how people around them are being affected. Learning to be present and not putting up with stuff is a skill and we can help you!

Time to wake up, be alert and start to create the change relevant to get you where you want to go.

Be Bold, stop apologising and letting things slide. If it's affecting your performance at work or home then fix it. Many times I hear from women that are too shy, scared or their nerves take over. Take the plunge and be bold about your desired direction. I'm a believer that it might be a difficult conversation or decision, although think about how will feel and what will it look like in six months time. Initially it might be tough, emotionally draining, challenging although for the long term your heart is making the decision your brain perhaps can't at times. I constantly hear women's language being, ‘can I just add’, ‘Can is just include this’, ‘Sorry, sorry, can I add my version’, ‘Excuse me, can you please listen to what I have to say’. Command that respect and have belief in yourself that what you have to include is equally important as everyone else in the room.

This life that you are given, you only get one chance at it. Be bold and create the lasting change that is going to bring out the best person inside of you.

Come join us at the next Springboard Women's Development Program in September 2017.

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