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Increase your worthiness for International Women’s Day.

All too many times I hear women entering their space with self-doubt and haunting beliefs that they are just not good enough. Whether it be in career space of I’m not educated enough, I’m not worthy or experienced enough, I’m too old, I’m too young, that person has been here longer, they deserve it more than me, they won’t listen to me, they won’t respect me, what I have to say is not important………. The list can go on. In our personal lives we sometimes never feel good enough, not funny enough, I’m a bad friend/parent, what if they don’t like me, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not skinny enough. No matter who you are or what experience you have, educated or not we all have those inner voices that chat to us. Yes, sometimes those voices can be encouraging although the sad fact is that they are mostly sabotaging us from being successful in our business, relationships, setting goals and in our wholistic lives.

The thing is, most of this inner chatter is bullshit! Yes, it’s absolutely rubbish and most of the time it’s not even realistic or factual. We fabricate a story based on an emotion and we harness all this negative energy. It could have been a snaring remark, someone said something to upset you or you read into someone’s ‘look’, body language can be a powerful source of communication…….. Sometimes, they dont even need to say a word before we make an assumption. It really is draining, don’t you agree? Time to change and press for progress, stop being so tough on yourself, life has enough people that tell us what and how we should be living our lives that we don’t need ourselves to be a tough critic too.

You will need to watch out though as society is not usually ready to see a woman own oneself in a positive way. I know, when someone tells me I’ve done a good job, or have had a great achievement then heaven forbid if I agree…… They seem shocked, or make comment ‘well you’re a bit confident’ because I’m agreeing with their thoughts – especially woman to woman. It’s crazy. Can we ever win? Giving sincere compliments is a blog for another day. Be prepared for a little backlash sometimes when you start to see yourself in a more positive light.

Now today’s International Women’s Day theme is #pressforprogress so how about we do one thing today, every day for the next month! Let’s unite in cancelling one damaging thought that is negative or holding you back each day for the month of March till we start to believe in ourselves. Start from within yourself and the positivity will start to shine outwardly to others around you. The way you think, feel and act are infectious to the people around you. If there is a world of negativity or pessimism, make a choice to move gradually away from it. If we don’t change, nothing else around us will. Take ownership and start believing that you are worthy and enough. It may be uncomfortable and uneasy, although after time you will feel better I promise.

This could be something like applying for that job you have always pondered about or never thought you were good enough, or applying for something you don’t have all the experience/skill at. You could make the first move and ask that person out for a coffee, get fitter and commit to smaller pockets of exercise as oppose to over-committing yourself, planning what the week has ahead of you by feeling more organised, seeing all the beauty you have instead of the negatives. The list is endless of the small goals we can set to work towards a more progressive future.

That's what it takes, small steps, one day at a time for sustainable change.

IWD 2018

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