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IWD 2020 with Jessica Rowe

Being in a room with Jessica Rowe for International Women's Day was truly inspirational.

Breakfast hosted by the Northern Beaches Council in the gorgeous setting of Manly Pavilion.

My key moments were:

Have people that believe in you and want to see you succeed, you are capable of so much more. Continually seek out feedback to gain growth from those you trust. When feedback seeks to change who you are, you make a choice to allow it to take over and run with it, or realise you do not want to change who you are and own it with pride. Being authentic in who you are.

You can have it all, just not all at the same time. Depending on your life circumstances, you may invest into your career or nurture your family should you be able to afford time out. Make choices that are right for you and your family. It's ok to take time out when you are feeling you need a break. being self-aware and taking stock is rewarding for your mental health.

Your career doesn’t need to be linear! You can learn so much from sideways movements, backwards opportunites and have a ball, even find some fun in those variety of opportunities.

It's ok to cook a basic meal for your family. If your anything like me I love cooking, although it also stresses me out to cook most

of my meals from scratch. The planning, sourcing and doing is all too much sometimes. We forget that kids love basic meals and they will survive without a gourmet meal most nights.

Asking for help is a saviour. Never feel ashamed to reach out. Find those people that say ‘I’m here with you and we will get through this together’ as oppose to ‘you will be ok’ and brushing it off. Perception may be that people think you are strong independent woman, it's hard enough to ask for help so don't make light of it when someone reaches out to you. Seeking professional help is necessary for your improvement when it comes to mental illness and it's perfectly ok to do so.

Don’t over think things you say or do. We are so tough on our ourselves with our own thoughts and over analysing. Chances are the other person hasn’t given it a second thought and has moved on, you should too. Your wasting time harnessing on negative energy.

There was a world more in her story, if you get the opportunity to hear Jessica Rowe speak, make the time to listen.

Jessica Rowe was captivating to the audience, inspiring to other women in the room and funny, I loved her humor which was mostly relative to real life daily struggles.

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