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Bringing you back to the office 2021

Have you thought of the impact of going back into the office in 2021 and the toll it could have on your staff?

As our Nation gradually heads back into the office next year, either full-time or part-time its going to be another move to instrumental change.

The change is coming and you may be underestimating the impact it could have.

Realising, as an employer that this is again an adjustment for your staff and for some they have felt this year has placed a

hold on their career.

- Some have embraced the flexibility of WFH, others can’t wait to get back

- Some feel there is less opportunity to raise their profile, others have embraced new ways to show their abilities and attributes

- Some are going unnoticed and shying away from the crowd, the less social activity can be a cause for people to build up anxiety about heading back to the social space.

- Some need to collaborate, share ideas to bring energy, they have some great ideas although could foster them more

positively with the right support. In return stronger outcomes for their organisation.

Have you thought of a way to support your women in the

lead up to being back in the office?

What plans do you have in place to re-engage and re-connect them with cross collaboration in your department to build their relationships and networks so the outcomes for the business are enhanced?

Self-development is crucial in this time, managing their time, working with their mental health and giving them hope to work on their career is just the start.

Allowing them the space to reflect, encourage and nurture themselves in a non-judgmental environment is one action you could be doing to show them you value and support them.

We can help, talk to us about how including the Springboard Women's Development Program to your Diversity and Inclusion Planning for 2021 will benefit your organisation.

Raising women up with the tools and confidence to navigate their lives not only professionally, personally as well. This can only be a drive towards building stronger cultures and well balanced employees.

Reach out for a chat to see if this could help your organisation on the comeback journey ahead for 2021.

Deb Elliott


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