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Do you have the right Cheer Squad?

What a year it’s been, 2020 is almost over and I felt it would be a great time for a little reflection, I love reflection any opportunity to sit, ponder and think!

When was the last time you took a moment to ensure you have considered the right people are around you? Why I hear you asking........ Well having the right people around you can be a great support, encourage you to get out of your comfort zone to be even better than you are today.

Having those people around you that suffocate you, drain your energy, are jealous of your change in behaviors or not want to see you more successful than them can be hard to manage. Have you ever felt like a ‘jack in the box’ and someone keeps folding you down so you can’t rise and shine?

When you are on a journey of change, hope, optimism and can see the stars aligning a key factor in your success is making sure you have the right networks around you.

Take 3 minutes to think of all these areas of your life, and who is in it that can raise you up, help you see things differently, that challenge your thinking to help you learn or that you can be a sponge and develop so much from being around them.

A Mentor – Someone that has talked the talk and walked where you want to go. A person that has a role in being your sounding board, workshopping ideas and thoughts to get a visual plan for the next steps. Helping you map out that roadmap that is relevant to you.

An Advocate – A person that is always chanting your name. They have your back and will want to see you succeed, they are singing your hymn sheet even when you are not around. This can be in the form of a managers support or someone you have initiated to get you to the next level. They have utmost belief that you are ready and deserve that next role.

Key people of influence - Those people you look up to, that you can watch, observe, ask questions and reflect on to see how your style can be adapted to suit the way you wish to authentically lead. You don’t have to lead a team of people to be a leader. Leading yourself and how you show up is all part of your own personal branding.

Friendship circles – Those people around you that have your best interest at heart. The ones that lift you up when you are at your lowest point. The friends that you can open up to and share most things in your life. With all friendships, you have some you share certain things with and others not so much. Not all friendships are the same, we share more with some than others.

It’s always great to have a diverse mix of people in our lives, this helps us develop as a human, how to navigate conversations, the joy they bring, what energy you feel when you are around them and we gain so much growth from learning how others think, what they do and how they live their lives.

Greater Networks – Extending to friends of friends. When was the last time you jumped at a chance to be in a space with people you don’t know? Being invited to an event, a business lunch, a party, a date or a gathering with a variety of new people can bring so much joy and an abundance of anxiety. Especially as we have been living without much socialising, it can be emotional the thought of getting back out there. Learning something new about someone, having new connections can bring new energy within you. You never know where those relationships may take you, don’t let your social awkwardness get in the way of fostering a new relationship.

Take time in the holidays to enrich your relationships, develop from learning and continually adapt to be the right version of you!

Connect, embrace and encourage things that come your way.

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