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In our everyday world we like to give feedback for a job well done.

Should we give Praise or Encouragement?

The way we communicate with each other can make a difference in putting a bounce in someones step by giving praise or sharing a compliment. Or, should we be conscious in making a real difference in peoples lives with a little reflection of what it actually took for them to get to those results?

'Great job, you really nailed that project' or could we turn it into something more positive by giving encouragement to them 'You can see that you have spent the time thinking and planning the outcome, the results are here to show your hard work and dedication to xxxx'.

Let's face it, we all love a bit of flattery and a fleeting comment is nice and helps us feel good about ourselves, maybe even lightens our mood. Although sharing more depth to the words we are speaking, what you really see and think can be a stronger reflection of how you see the person standing in front of you. This can also drive to sustainable results for the person to keep performing in what ever it is they are doing.

In the fast paced world which is now, we often overlook what it took to get to those achievements sometimes. Minimising the effort and courage they have shown to deliver the results. By sharing encouragement this could give you a more engaged and enthusiastic person that is grateful for you realising what it took to get something done.

Telling them that all their hard-work, persistence, time, energy and skills are seen. Instead of the praise, try the encouragement line with your colleagues, family and friends:

'Great result getting the buy in from xxxx' v's 'The commitment and time researching was above an beyond, all that planning really payed off.'

'So good to see you engaged in your work' v's 'See how far you have come from your first day, the time, commitment and dedication has brought you so far and results are showing.'

'I love this document' v's 'I have really noticed how you managed your time to think of what we needed for the business.'

'You were brilliant at soccer today' v's 'I can see all the hard-work you have put in at training and your skills are standing out in your game.'

☛ 'So proud of your results' v's 'All that hard work and commitment after hours has really put you in a good position to achieve these results.'

'Great result on the fundraiser' v's 'I have seen how much effort and planning this took you, you have worked tirelessly to pull this together.'

Our words can bring more engagement to your environment and stronger results to keep wanting to achieve for the future.

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